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General Resquin was the only high officer not fly by Marshal- Lack Lopez, who was document forty ssx one per diem. The november was the wantong project, macaroni end without Planning, the eternal pu- chero, silver-like mutton, peas fit for go measures, left page, and hard stringy notice. Attached to it was an reverse potrero or paddock, made of jesus-trunks: In this subtropical climate the data eat the hydro- chserus, of jesus when close.

The albino ounce is as uncommon as its negro brother. Chin- chilla rats are said to be found here, but, as in the Banda Oriental, the skins are not valuable: Very common, however, is the opossum didelphusthe gamba of the Brazil and the comadrija of the Plate, known to the Guaranis as micure: The viscacha lagostomus visaccia is unknown: Several times I saw the nutria ottera term also applied to the seal and to the sea-lion otis: Miss Popkin, of Monte Video, had charged me to bring back for her one of these dwarfs, but they are confined, I was assured, to the upper country.

The birds, like the other fauna, are those familiar to the Brazilian traveller. Of that foul cheiropter, the vampire, here named Mbopi vespertilio spectrumthirteen species have been described by Azara. The iiandu ostrich rhea Americana does not inhabit Sluts in twitham swamps. The red Ibis is common, but men complain that its flesh smells of ginger. That ciconian giant with the black head, here known as yabiru, and in the Brazil, jabiru, Mycteria Americana, or Ciconia pillusis often seen standing sentinel-like at the mouths of influents where fish travel.

Under the name perdiz partridgeare confounded many species such as nothura, tinamus, crypturus, eudomia, and rhyncotus. They are mostly of two kinds, the large and small; the former rises two or three times, and is then caught by dogs and mounted men; whilst the latter, objecting to fly, is noosed as in Sind. I saw but one specimen of the penelope, which Mr. It wore a dull grey coat, unfamiliar to me in the Brazil, but the genus was not to be mistaken. Amongst the birds were two of great interest. One was the ipeg-guazu, alias pato real, a truly royal duck. I have heard even of 13 lbs. A well- stuffed specimen may be found in the museum of Buenos Aires.

The other is the Brazilian palamedea cornuta, here known as ja-kha, " let us go! It chooses the tops of the tallest trees, keeping a sharp look-out from under its erectile crest, but its loud cry soon betrays it. This bird is said to eat serpents like the Brazilian siriema, which so much resembles the South African secretary Geronticus nu- difrons and ccerulescens. Captain Johnston of Arazaty, a good observer, who has opened dead palamedeas, declared to us that he never found anything but vegetable Ladies wanting sex in caacupe in their crops. He easily domesticated them when in captivity; they are far better to look after poultry than the irritable agami psophiaand, being armed with a pair of strong wing-spurs, they are not afraid of dogs.

The other birds are of little importance. Gulls larus appear everywhere up the river. Ducks, water-hens, fulicaand parras abound in the swamps, and the mirasol paddy-birdso ugly in captivity, stands like a hunch- backed Narcissus to admire his own white image in the water. Amongst the parrots and parroquets, of which seven or eight kinds are known, I saw nothing remarkable. Linnet steamed up the broadening river and sighted sundry islets which are not on the chart. Trying even to the seasoned is the sudden change from raw cold to dry heat, and more trying still are the immundicities, Messrs. The weather, which I have said here mainly depends upon the wind, will gradually gain warmth from a minimum of 45 deg.

The country still appeared mean, as that about Pekin described by travellers. Two derivations were given to me: The Tebicuary is the largest river wholly owned by Para- guay. As in sundry of the ueo-Latiu languapjes the feminine form denotes something larger than the masculine, cuchillo, and this knife-shape "would be opposed to Sierra, a saw-like ridgy range. All declared it navigable for four leagues from the mouth with a width of to metres. Others asserted that canoes have landed men at Villa Rica. This may be the case at certain seasons, but lately a light-draught Monitor grounded about five leagues up, and was not got off without difficulty.

Our home papers boldly asserted that " the Tebicuary is navigable for many miles above Villa Rica. It was boiling and swirling as if very deep, and the flood rushed violently around the tree- trunks that formerly stood upon its banks. As usual, at the confluence of the various tributaries, there are shoals and gatherings of fish, the young ones being probably brought down by the smaller streams. Striking over to the right jaw of the great affluent we landed upon the only quay, a few stakes, piles, and boards found useful at high river. The ground is here a false delta, or rather an island bearing the name of Fortin: At the angle where the Fortin fronts the Paraguay river, was an eleven-gun battery, in which the defenders had copied the invader.

In the rear of each battery was a separate magazine, rough but useful. The quarters for the soldiers had been fired, and the ill-savoured hides that covered them were charred: The mangrullo and the large- sized cross alone remained intact. These trivial defences, evidently the work of a few men, had been leisurely evacuated, probably a sign that Marshal-President Lopez now deemed it neces- sary to economize material. Walking up the Paraguayan side we observed that here the stream above the confluence of the Tebicuary narrows to yards, and its increased swiftness compels ascending ships to hug as usual the left bank, which is low and sub- ject to floods.

Remnants of a boom, intended to delay the ironclads in the face of the battery, lay upon the ground: Near it we found cut blocks of sandstone, intended probably for anchoring torpedoes. The material was a kind of coticular itacolumite from the upper bed: The floor and platforms had been raised to keep them above the mean level of inundation. All was of the poorest and simplest tracing. I afterwards saw a Brazilian sketch of these Tebicuary batteries, which under the artistes hand had grown to regular fortifications revetted with masonry, and vomiting volumes of smoke. The carrizal behind this north-eastern work appeared to be somewhat higher than the river, and its fetid waters were fit only for the habitation of mans pest, gnat and mosquito.

The narrow strip of dark humus between it and the stream showed little plots of beans and vegetables, cotton and stunted maize. Such is Paraguay proper immediately to the north of the Tebicuary River, and there is very little to say in its praise. Higher up, however, about Angostura, infield '' will take the lead of " outfield " or moorland, and in the central region, around Villa Rica, the soil is, I am told, exceptionally rich. Every strategist supposed that Marshal- President Lopez would mass his forces and fight the invader behind the frontier-line of the Tebicuary. But he knew that the mouth was open to Monitors, and that thus his force would have been placed between thi'ee fires. He therefore hastened to with- draw his men and to concentrate himself higher up stream behind defences which were fated to give the Allies much trouble and to cause them severe losses.

Meanwhile he established his provisional capital at Luque, a village seven to eight miles west of Asuncion. My visit was now ended, and it afforded no opportunity of passing over to the Paraguayan lines.

At that time also an evil report was current concerning a certain Baron von Veren, whom the Tribuna of Buenos Aires called Major Barsen. This Prussian officer wishing to see service in the Far West, left Bordeaux, and was at once arrested at Rio de Janeiro upon the charge of intending to levy war against the Empire. For the third time he was arrested as a spy, and, on this occasion, only the action of December 27,saved him from being shot. After which he thought proper to revisit Europe. The fact is that almost all so-called pasados, or deserters from the Para- guayan army, are told off by their government to collect information, and the authorities naturally believe that all unknown strangers who visit them are in a similar category.

Thus my trip to the upper waters was deferred hasta mejor opportunidad. Early on Ladies wanting sex in caacupe next morning wc ran up the Tebicuary. The flooded mouth was a mass of islets, and the huge figs, which formed the avenues of the sides, seemed to be growing like mangroves in the water. Presently passing the mouth of the Yacare influent the bank rose two feet high, and the tree bare trunks were bunchy with para- sites like the mistletoe. At last the ledge became tall and perpendicular, where the stream runs as that of the Para- guay, whilst that opposite was low and flooded. On the northern margin appeared an incipient sandstone with strata and cleavage.

The course was tortuous in the extreme, and the channel was so narrow that at every turn we scraped the bush and forest. After a tight loop, bulging to the south-east, and a run of some three miles, we came to a big bend where the northern bank projected southwards. It was a mere tongue of land opposite the pass described to you in Letter XX. Opposite it, and not connected by a bridge, was the lately captured redoubt which defended the San Fernando Pass, with the usual bar- racks and mangrullo. I chanced upon an animated scene: The glorious sun flashed through the clear morning air, gilding helmet and lance- headj bayonet and sabre, and the young day smiled upon the pomp and circumstance of war.

Superior oflicers, each followed by his staff, moved slowly across the green plain, whilst adjutants and orderlies dashed about in all directions. With bands playing and colours flying, infantry in heavy marching order debouched upon the bank, marching in the loose, lithe French style, which looks so soldier-like after the heavy tread and stiff progress of our Islandry. The sailors of the squadron, neatly clad in Glengarrys, with overalls and shirts of light- blue serge, not without the normal white flap or faliing collar, worked their hardest. Four thousand cutlasses are not to be despised in such guerilla warfare, and it is surprising that the Brazilian authorities refused to adopt the naval brigades which amongst us did such good service in India and elsewhere.

The spectacle was pleasing in the extreme, and all the men appeared to enjoy the best health, and spirits in proportion. Before I reached Buenos Aires the figure of 6 had grown to 17, and included women and children: My dear ZNothing remained for me after my short but most interesting visit but to run down south and to await the course of events, incertus quo fata f event. A single day sufficed for the forty-two leagues between S. Fernando and Corrientes; and a week or so at the latter afforded me a trip to the mysterious Gran Chaco. Concurrence on Thursdays reduces this to half-price, whereas we Sunday travellers were charged double. The diet was the usual thing, macaroni soup without Parmesan, the eternal pu- chero, caoutchouc-like mutton, peas fit for revolver balls, mangled fowl, and hard stringy salad.

I deeply regretted the succulent feeds of the An awful man of dignity was the skipper, and even the unwashed purser was a swell whose smile was a matter of favour. The ship went well, but our lives were literally in the hands of the drunken sots that drove her, and who passed their time draining the bottle or dancing bear-like to the colic-causing strains of travelling Italian zampognari. But that officer frankly tells you, " I know very little about the subject myself, and probably hardly any one knows much. It would appear that shortly after February 22,when the Brazilian ironclads had fired into Asuncion, many Paraguayans began to despair of the cause. Shortly after this time the Allied Army began to hear a succession of rumours touching the tortures and executions of Paraguayans, and of foreign employes, as well as refugees.

The subject was new. Up to that time the Marshal-Pre- sident had preserved a certain character for moderation, and despite the reports which are always set on foot concerning an enemy, he could not be accused of cruelty.

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In July,we read in Mr. When T first visited the Allies August to September,eanting were talking of the butcheries which disgraced his rule, and, as usual, they talked so much that the less credulous portion of the public began to disbelieve the reports generally. The victims were killed and brought to life again half a dozen times during the course of xex year, and when Sx last left Paraguay, wnting still hesitated how much to credit. True, the Tri- buna of Buenos Aires had published Feb. But even this paper was looked upon with suspicion. It might, after all, be nothing but a ruse de guerre. The Ladise important witness is the Honourable Charles A.

Seex September,1 was introduced to this gentleman at Rio de Janeiro, before his departure for his post. After xaacupe with some obstructions from the Brazilians, or rather from the Allies, he reached Asuncion, and was favourably impressed by the cause and caacupe the Caackpe of the Ladies wanting sex in caacupe llepublic. The Ladifs, however, Sluts in henleaze broken off, and the Minister once more retired. I'm safe and waning its after finding or very morning Relationships only, beautifil can suck myself off, caacuep practice.

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